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Industry 4.0

The arrival of Industry 4.0 brings us the fusion of the physical world with the digital world and the possibility of developing intelligent and interconnected systems. The impact on the industrial environment will be transversal, with more visible effects on production, value chain, customer relationship and business model.

The smart factory concept allows you to align management trends with emerging technologies. The most common immediate objectives include reducing costs (automated stock management, predictive maintenance, forecasting tools), improving asset and process efficiency, quality enhancement, and active safety and environmental impact monitoring.

An Industry 4.0 system is built on 4 sequential levels:

  1. Visibility (what?) Monitoring of critical quantities.
  2. Analysis (why?) Data Examination.
  3. Simulation (how?) Decision tools.
  4. Autonomy (now what?) Applications and services that do not require human intervention.

The system architecture includes sensors, connectivity, data, analysis tools and applications and services. Ostium has in-house competencies to fully design and implement these systems, or provide only one of the parts to work with already existing systems.

We are distinguished by the flexibility and technical expertise that allows us to integrate equipment from different manufacturers into one platform. Existing equipment and systems do not need to be replaced for digital transformation to come true. Our competence in Retrofit is an asset that allows us to avoid large investments and shorten the implementation time.

What we do:

Consultancy in the definition and implementation of a digital route.
Architecture Design of Industry 4.0 System.
Full implementation of the system with all hardware and software components.

How we do it:

Setting long-term goals and ambitions.
Definition of pilot project.
Strategy for large scale implementation.
Project management, including installation and training.