ostium (from latin) opening, passage, door, portal


With several years of experience in the private sector of networks and telecommunications, as well as a professor of electronics in higher education, Eng. João Jacob founded Ostium, Soluções de Engenharia, Lda in 2005.
Since the start, the objective was to develop tailor-made solutions in the field of industrial electronics and services associated with corporate telecommunications networks.
With a desire for less conventional projects, successive clients challenged Ostium for projects in different areas, such as Industrial Automation, Telecommunications, Public Lighting, Environment, Entertainment, Marketing and Advertising or Sports.
Ostium has a small team with strong technology and project management skills. From a social responsibility perspective, we maintain an active internship program for students of electronics and industrial automation.


Increasing levels of technology in society and business require new products that incorporate sensing, automation and connectivity.
Whether it is choosing a generic solution or developing a custom solution, the business market needs partners who have the ability to respond to each specificity, with technical expertise and innovation.
Ostium assumes this responsibility by identifying with each customer to develop the most effective approach.


It is Ostium's mission to respond to the specific challenges of each client. Therefore we have a highly motivated and creative team with fundamental competence in research and development. Noteworthy is the high degree of hardware / firmware expertise, the approach with new ideas and combinations, and the untouched willingness to materialize and implement the solutions.
At Ostium, experience and knowledge are combined with enthusiasm for innovation and the values we value most.


People are the center of what we do. And so, each case is a case.
As a bespoke solutions company, we privilege relationships with customers and suppliers. Only by developing these relationships can we fully understand the specificity of problems, turn them into challenges, and build the individualized responses that our customers are looking for.
We use our knowledge and mastery of technology for a systematic understanding and satisfaction of customer needs. We are always supported by a network of partners that allows us to bring together the most suitable team for each project.