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Industrial retrofit

Over time, the company's industrial machinery tends to lose competitiveness. Older equipment loses productivity, may have more and bigger maintenance issues and reduced compatibility with newer equipment.

Upgrading the industrial machinery does not necessarily imply a huge investment in new machines. Older equipment can take on another life by replacing electronic modules or adding features and capabilities.

Ostium is the ideal electronic retrofit specialist, for industries or equipment and machine dealers. We have a special affection for the preservation of the industrial legacy. We are used to hard cases that stimulate our best. This is why we have mastered electronics as well as their interactions with electrical, mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Retrofit Objectives:

Reduction of environmental impact.
Optimization of energy consumption.
Improved operability.
Increased productivity.
Introducing new features in the device.
Integration of equipment with other modules of the factory.
Improvement of product quality.
Increased equipment reliability.
Safety improvement.
Performance analysis.
Acquisition and transmission of equipment data.

What we do:

Retrofit process consulting.
Rebuilding of components.
Design of new electronic modules.
Hardware / firmware and software installation and configuration.
Documentation and training on installed modules and systems.