Hardware engineering
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Hardware engineering

For startups or mature companies, Ostium is the ideal partner when designing the electronic component of a new product.

What we do:

Feature planning and requirements.
Development and design of boards and modules.
PCB design and construction.
Microcontroller programming.
Planning and programming of energy management.
Incorporation of physical or wireless connectivity.
Firmware development and programming.
Ergonomics and industrial design.
Compliance test.

How we do it:

Idea - Brainstorming with customers and suppliers to find the best conceptual answer.
Design - functionality, ergonomics and aesthetics, respecting project requirements and ambitions.
Development - study and evaluation of different technological approaches for the best system configuration.
Prototyping - construction of functional scale model.
Small series production - for a restricted group of users, or evaluation before mass production.
Test - for functionality, safety and reliability assessment, up to CE certification.
Pre-industrialization - preparation for industrial scale production.